“The Inquisition”

 inquisition blog img 194 x 300

In order to give users of the newfangled  e-readers a feel for Jack’s writing talent, the publisher decided to make one of his best stories available at very low cost. An informal  survey was conducted to find out which of Jack’s stories could best represent his take on the now generation. Results showed that “The Inquisition” contained many of the elements that readers nowadays look for: a lot of action, a California style rock music environment, as well as a scary looking killer and his sadist boss. Couple that with a great looking female protagonist who is trying to get back with her band leader beau, and you have an idea of what this story is about. 

This tale elicited a good response from Kindle owners. Note that Amazon’s recent decision to make ALL of its books freely available to anyone with access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library gives readers free borrowing privileges not only to ”The Inquisition,” but also to Jack ALBERT’s other stories contained in “Death Row Follies and Other Stories.

Readers outside the USA are encouraged to check Amazon‘s policy for their particular location.


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